7 steps to mindfulness and compassion @ work

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New Working Culture – New Skills for Digitalization – New Leadership from I to We

  • Are you looking for the new skills-set for these times of digitalization?
  • Do you want to create a new leadership style that focuses on the human?
  • Do you want to have a self-responsible and empowered team, based on trust and compassion?
  • Do you already use mindfulness as an important tool for your daily challenges, but you’re still not sure how to apply it in your working life?
  • Do you want to change the working culture in your company?
  • Do you sometimes feel alone in this and would like to meet like-minded people?

If you said yes to one or more questions – we can support you:

  • We teach new skill sets that are needed in these times of digitalization
  • We show you how you can easily apply mindfulness and compassion in your day-to-day work
  • We train business people to become mindfulness teachers
  • We support companies to establish a sustainable co-creative culture
  • We invite you to a community of like-minded people



Mounira brings 15+ years of leadership experience at international brands like Google, Red Bull and BMW. During her time at Google she was one of the pioneers of the mindfulness community; its success brought her to spread mindfulness to other offices and train teams around the globe. She was one of the initial founders of the mindfulness conference MIND and a member of the Mindful Leadership Institute. Mounira is also an international certified Search Inside Yourself trainer, and gives mindfulness & compassion keynotes and trainings all over the world. Mindfulness practice guided her personal empowerment and taught her strategies to become a better leader – sharing this experience lies at the heart of her work.


Angel is a full-blooded entrepreneur and international expert for co-creative project development. Over the last 10+ years, he supported individuals, groups, and organizations to connect with their true purpose and visions. Combining digital concepts with mindfulness is at the heart of Angel’s work – as an expert for creating mindful cultures through co-creative processes he mentors startups, social entrepreneurs, and organizations making the transformation by using learning organization models. His personal deep mindfulness practice and high-performance strategies always guide him to look beyond things and evolve a servant leadership style that empowers people.

“I attended a 2 day “Search Inside Yourself” training and I am happy to say that no training has ever led to so much positive change in my life. My biggest takeaway was the insights offered on what really motivates me in my private and professional life, and which changes I have to make in order to do more of what I love. As I found the training so eye opening, I decided to bring it to my workplace, Zalando. I am really amazed by the positive feedback of my colleagues. It seems this is a topic that not only resonates with me, but with a lot of people who are looking for guidance in this fast changing and uncertain world.”


Kristine Zeller, Head of Head of buying Women Accessories, Zalando SE


In recent years we were able to support hundreds of companies and startups, and thousands of individuals, that went through our public trainings to learn new skills for the digital time. To become better leaders and living a mindful life that is connected to their true passion and purpose. The result of the last year’s work is our new 7 STEP PROGRAM that is designed to support individuals and companies to bring mindfulness and compassion into their day-to-day work. In this program, we bring you one step closer to

living the life that you dream of and being the person that you aspire to be at your workplace. Our program teaches you to create the personal life strategies and routines that will unleash your full potential on a personal and professional level. We will start on a vision quest together, train with mindfulness techniques, work in groups, and support you in using your new skills at work. Start this exciting journey now together with a supportive community!


7 steps to mindfulness and compassion @ work

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“The instructors provided very professional and impressive tools for a new or different form of project development. The team was able to connect on a human level, not on a classic work-group-level, thanks to the environment of trust. I experienced exercises resembling real-life cases that gave me a better understanding of people and processes.”


Thomas Kniesel, COO, AMK Automotive GmbH & Co. KG

Are you a business person or an entrepreneur?

Have you found a personal mindfulness practice that resonates with you, but did not yet find a way to incorporate it into your daily life?

Do you wish to integrate mindfulness into the way you work or your business culture?

Do you want to know more about mindfulness in the business context?


We want to support you on your quest with our free course:


1. Overview Mindfulness & Compassion@Work

How does mindfulness fit into your company context, how can it create a new business culture of co-creation and what does the new leadership look like?


2. Find Your Passion & Purpose

Happiness has to do with purpose, meaningfulness, and what you really want; go on a quest to find your strengths, values, vision, and passion


3. Practice

Find and deepen your own practice, and learn new methods and techniques


4. Life Strategy

Create a plan how you can bring your passion and purpose into action, have a regular practice in your day-to-day (business) life, create routines and an action plan that supports you

5. Authentic Communication

Find your own voice and learn how to communicate effectively


6. Compassion

From I to WE. Working with compassion is looking out for the benefit of all – this natural style of leadership inspires people, attracts trust and instills confidence.


7. Co-Creation

Work in a way that motivates, inspires, and brings out the highest potential of each individual, and creates solutions that are co-created by the whole team

Join us in going deeper with your self-exploration, mindfulness, and compassion practice. This program will get you closer to living the life that you have always dreamt of – bringing out the best of you, in your personal life as well as at work.

“In the workshop with Angel Hernandez I understood dependencies in my company, which I haven’t seen before. In this way, I was able to integrate potentials of my team, and create a culture of connectivity, which leads us to new paths of innovation that contribute to the sustainable growth of my company. “


Jan Ulmer, CEO, Education Visionaires GmbH