Our values are deeply rooted in the idea that change from the inside inspires change on the outside. We believe that every one of us can make this world a better place by connecting authentically with ourselves and others.

  • We are all on our own unique learning journeys; our aim is to inspire people to find out what works for them and cultivate their own ways.
  • We, ourselves, are also continuously learning and our work consists of sharing these experiences and insights with you.
  • We believe in being authentic; which means living our strengths and embracing our weaknesses.
  • We value the strengths of an open mind as well as an open heart, and explore the spaces where both can be free and thrive.
  • We honour diversity and respect the uniqueness of every person.
  • Our work aims at serving a higher good; to bring more peacefulness into a tumultuous world, more heart and purpose into work, and more levity and meaningfulness into life.


This amazing world is changing as never before. The ongoing evolution of digitalization is fundamentally altering the way humans work and relate, on a personal level as well as professionally. In all this, the biggest trend we see is that of human connection and heart wisdom; the ability to think and act clearly with integrity, the skills of harnessing cognitive and emotional intelligence, and the capacity to connect with a role and excel in a group.


That is why in mindfulness and compassion lies the key to successfully adapt and evolve along with the times and the challenges that we are facing.


To adapt well and change your company into a more agile one that is creative, resilient and fosters great team spirit, it is fundamental to build on the existing human potential, by widening horizons and deepening skill sets.


We focus on 3 things:

New Working Culture

We speak a lot about business and transformation – being ready for the digital time. Cultural change plays a key role here. Successful business leaders and especially the new talents everybody is looking for, want a business culture driven by values: trust, authenticity, integrity, purpose, and co-creation. But what does this look like in practice? And how is such a new working culture established and integrated into a company?

Skills for the Age of Digitalization

The World Economic Forum predicts that 5 years from now 35% of the skills that we find important today will have changed. The new skills we need will focus more on emotional intelligence, creative thinking and agile organizations. The key to develop these skills is by nurturing a culture of human- and heart-centeredness. This means cultivating team-members who are aligned with their passion, find purpose in their role, and are compelled to take action in their own field of influence. This also means cultivating leaders that are in service of their teams, providing empowerment and inspiration. Such teams thrive on dealing with challenges in a company and grow along with them.

New Leadership

The new type of leadership that these changing times are calling for are found in mindful and compassionate leaders. This means leading by integrity and inspiration, instead of displays of power and pressure. Compassionate leadership does not mean that we cannot make tough decisions anymore. On the contrary, when mindfulness and compassion guide our actions the most difficult decisions can seem easy. The shift from I to WE simply means to have the best in mind for everyone in the group and thereby bringing out the best as well. It is the capacity as a leader to be in service for others, and of service to a team.


We create transformative spaces, combining individual and group development, in which we enable sharing, learning, and profound insight to take place in a safe and inspirational environment. We direct the whole group toward a shared language and common base of skills, so that they can develop a shared understanding and common culture together.

In our approach we introduce the following key concepts:

  • New agile and innovative organizational strategies
  • Joint values, purpose and vision development
  • Redefining the idea of leadership
  • Mindful and compassionate mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence Resilience: challenges, failures & overcoming obstacles
  • Co-creation: integrating the power of the whole team
  • Communication: difficult conversations, non-violent communication, authentic language Habits: a way to bring culture to daily business interaction

Tools & Methods we work:

  • Our core work: mindfulness & compassion techniques
  • Talking Circle, Vision Quest, Critical Path Method & Objective Setting
  • Non-violent, intercultural and authentic communication
  • Mindfulness, body awareness techniques & habit routines
  • Non-hierarchical/participatory organisation models
  • Innovation Canvas & Google Ventures Design Sprint