Connected Business supports you to bring Compassion and Mindfulness into your daily business interactions. This world is changing and we cannot continue using old strategies and methods to move forward – we need new approaches and a new perspective. Our vision is to empower and connect people in business to create a new culture of leadership and enterprise. In doing so we are building a community with a common purpose – one that is connected, mindful and loving, that values diversity and authenticity, and pioneers integrity and sustainability. We are part of a co-creative group and a global movement – join us!


Who I am

Growing up with a Tunisian background in Germany, I never quite felt like I fit in with either ethnicity. From an early age I felt free from these conventions, and looking back this insight affected my entire life – the status quo was never an obstacle for me to explore new ways. Likewise, in my career I have always taken on roles in which I had to create new things where none existed. Often this proved difficult and challenging, and it made me to be very hands-on and creative. As my career advanced I observed that whenever things grow, such as successful companies, they become more and more structured and political. I started to question why that is, and moreover how to preserve the original spirit that made them so successful. I wondered, how can you create and maintain that authentic type of creative culture? Is it even possible? And if so, how?


What I want in life

In search of the change I wanted to bring about in the world, I came upon the question of how I can fully live my values in who I am and in what I do. As I looked at myself I found that the way I worked and lived, was not the way I wanted to be. My life was not in harmony with my values. That is how I got started with self-development and mindfulness. As my practice started to manifest more in my private life, I began to notice how it started to influence my way of working as well. The more honest and authentic I was to myself, the less difficulties I had in my job. Instead, I noticed a change in my presence and my influence. Even though I was not in charge, people would follow my example and want me to take the lead. The skills that I was able to cultivate through mindfulness and compassion practice, and the authenticity that I was able to live, moved me so deeply that I felt a calling to share the power of these experiences. As people started to approach me regularly, I realized that by sharing these practices with them I could be of service to a greater good, and contribute in a purposeful way. Despite my full-time job in a demanding leadership role, I decided to spend 20% of my working time doing trainings on mindfulness within my company, to apply it in my team, and to continue to educate myself.


Following my path

Over the years I have completed four yoga teacher trainings, various coaching trainings and the Search Inside Yourself Teacher Training. I was one of the pioneers who built the global mindfulness community at Google. And despite the amount of time invested, which was well over 20% of my working time, I was able to make my full time job a success as well. All this, because I felt totally in line with my passion; and focused by my life’s purpose. In the meantime I founded Connected Business, where I continue to share the powerful insights and skills that have come from practicing mindfulness and compassion. At Connected Business, I train a wide range of people and companies to align with their core values and true purpose. What once started as a way to become more the person I wanted to be, grew into a grateful journey where I can support others on their way.


Finding my place

Thanks to my bi-cultural background I had a need to do things my own way from an early age. As I had a hard time to fit into any one context, I always found new and innovative ways of designing and framing my life. After my engineering degree I started my own business in order to find my way of contributing to the world, something that was in line with my calling for innovation. Soon after I got involved in the creative scene in Berlin, which brought art, culture and tech together. This got me in touch with the changemakers of the Berlin scene. We all gathered around a common question about what kind of spaces are needed for creativity to unfold in the individual as well as the collective, and for it to manifest in existing social structures as well.


Search for new role models

Along this journey I founded several start-ups and initiated numerous projects, some of which were very successful in a short amount of time and gave me more opportunities to experiment with radical ideas. I also experienced great failures however; and there was a moment, where everything that I had created started to collapse. Most of my life I was driven to find new solutions and new models that could empower the individual and the collective to grow in their highest potential. But at one point, I came to the realization that what I had created was fundamentally still standing on the foundations of what I wanted to change; I unconsciously constructed exactly what I wanted to find alternatives to. After this episode I realized profoundly that the real changes I needed to make were not on the outside, but from the inside.


The search for myself

So my inner journey started and I found myself for several years working with indigenous cultures in Mexico and Colombia, studying Buddhist traditions and getting into deep meditation and yoga practice; to the extent that I spent over five years more time in silence than in contact with our modern world. Thanks to all this experience and continuous coaching and training I gained a deep understanding of myself and found my personal way to rebuild my life and my business.


Coming back again

I started to translate my insights from more than 10 years of research, practice and exploring the world into new organizational methods and models. These are human-centred, community based ventures that enable the unfolding of the individual potential, while acting for a higher purpose; providing simple practical solutions to difficult economic and societal issues. I now support projects, startups, companies, and NGO’s worldwide, to find sustainable solutions to their challenges. In addition I educate trainers around the world so they can spread the work of finding ways to establish an economy for a mindful, responsible and sustainable world.