This program will guide you through 7 steps that will help you to go deeper, create your personal life strategy, and routines that are aligned with what you aspire in personal and work life.

Every step has the element of how this supports you for your personal growth as well as how this fits into your business context. Our philosophy is from I to WE – we believe to create an authentic I is the first step to create change outside.


  1. Overview Mindfulness & Compassion@Work: how does mindfulness fit into your company context, how can it create a new business culture of co-creation and what does the new leadership look like?
  2. Find Your Passion & Purpose: happiness has to do with purpose, meaningfulness, and what you really want; go on a quest to find your strengths, values, vision, and passion
  3. Practice: find and deepen your own practice, and learn new methods and techniques
  4. Life Strategy: create a plan how you can bring your passion and purpose into action, have a regular practice in your day-to-day (business) life, create routines and an action plan that supports you
  5. Authentic Communication: find your own voice and learn how to communicate effectively
  6. Compassion: From I to WE. Working with compassion is looking out for the benefit of all – this natural style of leadership inspires people, attracts trust and instills confidence.
  7. Co-Creation: work in a way that motivates, inspires, and brings out the highest potential of each individual, and creates solutions that are co-created by the whole team

Our Manual will guide you trough the lessons. On every video lesson, you can download all lessons seperatly.