Today we will explore step 6 from our 7-Step-Program: Compassion. As we shared before we strongly believe that it is a time where we have to make a cultural shift from I to WE. Looking into the areas where we can grow and at the same time support or serve others. Working with compassion is a way of looking for the benefit of all – through this you naturally become a leader with influence, no matter which position you are in – because people will follow your inspiration. Compassion in business also does not mean that you can make decisions, it comes from
When we speak about compassion we always include self-compassion it is so to say the first step.

Before we dive deeper into the content we invite to a short arriving practice….

Mindfulness practice

Arriving, connection with the present moment and the body: add any observation of what came up for you during the exercise. What is important for you today?

Continued in the manual …